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It's all about Brunch

Under the bistronomie law, you’ve got to have brunch! Arcadion Bistrot introduces the art of brunching in Corfu, offering an incredible menu, refreshing drinks and signature cocktails. Taste scrambled eggs on toast or a mouthwatering croque madame, a chicken katsu sando or a roast beef sandwich. Accompany your choices with Corfiot Sparkling Lemonade with organic agave and fresh kumquat or with a sparkling Ginger beer. Wrap up with Arcadion pancakes. Yummy and chic. Brunch commences at 11:00 am

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Phoinix Rios
Phoinix Rios
12 Nis

Best hotel ,staff,maids have perfect shining rooms .Close to all churches,centre,parks , Old harbour,and New, close to Albania day trip is good. Buses cheap ,not high prices like tour buses!! 31 years ago was same great hotel ,why it is a 3 star puzzles me ,every thing is perfect,I say 4 + star!! Thank you Arcadion ,see you again in may


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